Scientific Council

Formation of the Scientific Council of KEODY

  • The Scientific Council (SC) of KEODY consists of 16 members: seven (7) members of the Administrative Council (Board) and nine (9) distinguished scientists of international repute. These members should represent various key thematic areas (technology, natural sciences, human sciences, etc) and may be either experts in water resources management or they should be able to contribute – through their research / teaching /writing activity – to the cultivation and promotion of an integrated approach to the water management issues. The members of the SC are appointed by the Senate upon the recommendations of the Board. The members of SC may be active faculty members of AUTH, Emeriti Professors of AUTH or other Universities, as well as Greek or foreign scientists.
  • The term of the Scientific Council lasts as long as that of the members of the Administrative Council (four years).

Responsibilities of the Scientific Council
The SC,

  • provides to the Board the main policy directions of KEODY.
  • has the scientific responsibility (editing) of all scientific publications KEODY.
  • push forward all the activities that are (i) linking the university to the society and (ii) promoting continuous education.
  • is responsible for the organization of scientific conferences , scientific meetings and cultural events for the dissemination of the research results of KEODY.
  • validates the results of all surveys and studies undertaken in KEODY.

Pericles Latinopoulos (President)

Professor – School of Civil Engineering

Maria Lazaridou (Vice-President)

Professor – School of Biology

Vasileios Antonopoulos

Professor – School of Agriculture

Athanasios Geitonas

Professor – School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

Thomas Lanaras

Professor – School of Biology

Panagiotis Prinos

Professor – School of Civil Engineeringς

Konstantini Samara

Professor – School of Chemistry

Epameinondas Sidiropoulos

Professor – School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

Panagiotis Stefanidis

Professor – School of Forestry and Natural Environment