Administrative Council

KEODY is governed by a seven member Administrative Council (Board ) composed of seven ( 7) faculty members of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with significant professional experience in water resources management, as well as, with research and academic experience that is likely to contribute to the promotion of an interdisciplinary approach to water management issues . The Board members are engaged in administrative work while promoting the goals and objectives of KEODY.

The President, Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer and all other members of the Board are appointed by the Senate , upon the recommendation of the Rector’s Council. All interested faculty members should submit their application, according to the provisions of the founding act. The term of the Board lasts four years.

The Board should submit, within six months of its appointment, a draft strategic plan that will specify the operational strategies and the sustainable management of the Centre.

Responsibilities of the Administrative Council
The Board,

  1. is responsible for the preparation and amendment of the Internal Rules of Administration of KEODY, which should be further approved by the Senate .
  2. makes decisions on administrative and operational issues of KEODY (e.g. asset management, resource allocation , manage donations/grants and other offers , and any other action promoting the goals and objectives of KEODY).
  3. makes recommendations to the Rector’s Council regarding scientific programs and actions made by the Scientific Council (SC). These recommendations also include a detailed budget for the duration of each program, in order for the Rector’s Council to integrate them to the Academic-Development Planning of AUTH.
  4. shall act by an absolute majority of its members, and upon recommendation of the Scientific Council:
  • to give an honorary degree (i.e. Honorary President of KEODY) ,
  • to elect as Associated Partners of KEODY Greek or foreign distinguished scientists who have made major scientific/academic contributions to the field of water resources and environmental management.

The final decisions of the Board are approved by the Senate.

Elpida-Kleanthi Kolokytha (President)

Associate Professor – School of Civil Engineering

Voudouris Konstantinos (Vice President)

Assistant Professor – School of Geology

Maria Moustaka – Gouni

Professor – School of Biology

Nikolaos Theodosiou

Associate Professor – School of Civil Engineering

Dimitrios Karpouzos

Assistant Professor – School of Agriculture

Marios Sapountzis

Assistant Professor – School of Forestry and National Environment

Dionysis Latinopoulos

Lecturer – School of Spatial Planning and Development