The objective of CIMWRM is the advancement of the science and practice of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to address water related challenges by regional /international/global action.


  • Develop, promote and infuse sound practices of IWRM around the Mediterranean re-gion, South EasternEurope and elsewhere;
  • Promote research and practice through integrated and multidisciplinary approaches, involving a wide range of disciplines, from natural sciences to engineering, from human sciences to art and communication;
  • Provide a platform for advance international cooperation among Member States and the exchange of knowledge, information and tools on IWRM, in particular in the context of transboundary water systems;
  • Provide policy advise, training and capacity building, technical and information support as a basis to develop and implement new integrated methods of water resources management in the region;
  • Promote awareness of IWRM issues among governmental institutions at central, regional and local levels, media, NGOs and the public at large.